Company Frantoio Franci
Location Tuscany-Montenero d’Orcia(GR)
Foundation year 1954
Organic certification ICEA CEE 2092/91
Vegan certification

Frantoio Franci was founded in the mid 1950s in Montenero d’Orcia, a village in the heart of Val d’Orcia, the most renowned, iconic and unspoiled part of Tuscany.

The History

The year 1995 represents an important milestone in the history of the company. In fact, the collaboration between Fernando and his son Giorgio begins, which adds a new enthusiasm and enthusiasm to his father’s experience. To make known their extra virgins far from the place of production becomes the main objective, but immediately it becomes clear that the only direct sale, until then practiced, could not allow that result or guarantee the mill the desired future. From an initial analysis emerged a difficult situation:

We Did Not Know, Our Size And Our Structure Did Not Allow Us to Compete With Big Bottle Prices And Bye The Production Experience Did Not Find Continuity In The Commercial Field. We’ve So Selected the Quality Road, The Only One For Us Stimulating And Percorribile, An Absolute Quality, Seeking Without Any Type of Compromise.

The production’s philosophy

All Franci Frantoio’s labels have a well-defined matrix and standard of quality for organoleptic characteristics and chemical parameters that guarantee the consumer the continuity of qualitative year to year, and oils that do not meet the objectives are downgraded. Seasonal variables, which determine the quality of crops and which make this craft more stimulating, affect the quantity of finished products but not their quality in absolute terms. The vintage remains that slim and fascinating margin that makes the difference between a good bottle and a great product.

Tuscany Extravirgin Organic Olive Oil IGP

Extravirgin Organic Olive Oil