Cokkun Vich (born in Kobe, Japan, 1976) is a Japanese artist, painter, and designer who offers a wide variety of creativity in his works.

His very first work was as a volunteer to revitalize communities devastated by Kobe Earthquake in 1995. He hand-crafted hundreds of fans called uchiwa, painted view of Kobe Bay Area, and distributed to those who were living in temporary shelters with no air conditioner.

Cokkun Vich is classically trained at Osaka University of Art, and soon after started traveling around the world where his greatest interests and inspirations lies. He continues to share his experience and thoughts at his annual exhibitions.

He also has provided conceptual design for retail space, package design, textile design, and presented seasonal events in a form of art.

His projects are cultivated, poetic, and imaginative and always true to his root, art is for people.